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Donated Project Highlight - Mini-Earthex

"We’d like to thank Adaptive BCS for their generous support of the efforts of the U.S. National Disaster Resilience Council, EIS Council, INCOSE.org, and others in striving to improve community resilience.

Outreach to gain support and participation for efforts that better humanity is challenging. When called, Adaptive BCS rose to the challenge to make that outreach interesting.

Adaptive BCS and the EIS Council graciously allowed their technology to be adapted to a shorter version of Earth Ex that can be performed with a facilitator in as little as five minutes."

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Donated Project Highlight - Catastrophe! Game

Justin Troyer - Lead Developer

“We’d like to thank AdaptiveBCS for organizing game design and play test talent to help us create a free online game that promotes community resilience with the unique premise, ‘If anyone dies, everyone loses’. Say it out loud. You can hear the underlying premise of society; “Everyone lives”. That’s the happy ending to the movie.

In space, that movie plays out every minute of every day, we need to build a culture of ‘Everyone lives.’ from the ground, upward.”

A portion of all proceeds go to support the
U.S. National Disaster Resilience Council.

The Readiness Test™

"We’ve witnessed Adaptive BC Solutions work well in the most challenging environments.

Adaptive is immensely cost-effective not because of low cost (although very affordable), but because of demonstrable outcomes.

Results are near-immediate and have the effect of permanently transforming the behavior of the people in the organization, which is always effective in theory but difficult to do quickly in practice.

The Readiness Test™ works quickly."

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Building Organizational Resilience

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