About: Molecule.US


They make water from the air.

Molecule.US makes water from the air. It does so by using a new material as a desiccant that is hundreds of percent more efficient than the prior method. When paired with other systems including HVAC, dehumidifiers and purifiers, the technology can also reduce power consumption, paying for itself by cutting power consumption. It also meets Sustainable Explorations values and mission in that it can be used in space.

Organizations like NASA and other government labs develop technologies later used for peaceful civilian purposes.

Such technology could help to ensure affordable clean water for schools, police stations, fire stations, places of worship, public housing, hospitals, airports, rest stops - someday even individual homes.
In times of trouble, the first responders can arrive with the ability to make water literally in tow. Please see our Current Projects page for one such project to which you can donate.

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