About: Tardigrade Engineering

How to achieve space at one tenth the cost? Simple.

Make everything cost ten times less.

This ‘rocket’ is safe, and gentle

It is literally, able to launch payloads with as little as six (6) gravities (g), like a basket of eggs, or delicate science packages and satellites for everything from crops to cyclones.
It’s low cost makes it the delivery vehicle of choice.

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The oxidizer is clean and eco-friendly.

This is very rare among rocket propellants, and a deliberate design choice.
The inventor, Sergiy, says, “In traditional thinking, this is not a very good rocket; soft, slow. But our criteria for design were not traditional criteria. We want to democratize space. Our design must be safe and very inexpensive.”

The Tardigrade launch vehicle contains no exotic or toxic materials. Avoiding regulated materials, practices and other dangerous habits, saves significant money.

This system requires no dangerous cryogenics nor complex pumps. This oxidizer can be made safely, on-site and on-demand, which eliminates the large costs and risks of transport and storage.

The oxidizer is the biggest part of the launch vehicle in terms of mass, cost and volume. It all adds up to 90% less, with greater safety and sustainability.

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