Highlighted Projects

Project Number One

Green Launch Vehicle

Funds are for a reusable live 1/100th scale demo of a green aerospace propulsion system and on-demand oxidizer manufacturing system (also itself capable of extra-atmospheric operation).

The full-scale solution is a two-stage launch system to soft-deliver 1+ metric tonne safely (@ ≤ 6 gravities) to solar synchronous orbit for $1,000/kg; within reach for a high-school science project to ride-share.

The solution Involves a new method of safely making high concentration oxidizer on demand, avoiding significant costs (500-2000M) and risks (explosions).

This vehicle is a simplified launch vehicle designed for this green oxidizer.
  • Near-zero moving parts (no cryogenics, no pumps)
  • No exotic nor toxic materials (any university can fabricate the patented design)
  • Superior range safety (before and after launch)
  • A wider range of permitted launch sites (including Michigan)
  • A wider range of conditions (more tolerant of temperature and precipitation)
  • Designed ease of fabrication (can be made using a variety of methods)
  • Non-metallic integral tanks (also the hull structure) cut cost/mass to minimum
  • Can be pre-fabricated and dry stored (truck portable until fueled)
  • Overall solution is "green" (cleans up more that it creates)
  • Highly experienced design, test, and build team
  • Existing and pending patents

Taking payload reservations and deposits now.

Project Number Two

Saving Lives With Water

We’re excited to share that the testing milestone for Molecule.us has been passed with flying colors. Not only did they exceed their water-making targets, they did so in dryer and colder conditions than ever before. All prior metrics records have been exceeded by more than 100%.

We’d like to accelerate the civilian adoption of this technology, originally developed to enable U.S. forces to stay hydrated indefinitely while on the move and without resupply. FEMA, the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and similar organizations can also benefit from this technology, especially when providing medical support, disaster relief, and humanitarian aid.

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