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Sustainable Exploration

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Sustainable Exploration

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Sustainable Exploration

A not-for-profit company dedicated to increasing participation in space exploration by all people across the globe.


Utilize renewable resources and repeatable processes that minimize dependencies on finite and harmful materials.


The approach, chemicals, materials, deliverables, payloads, and other aspects of the work is environmental-friendly and eco-friendly; the work will either cause no harm, or actually serve to improve, the ecosystems and the environment of earth and other extraterrestrial bodies.


The process and outcome of the work will, at worst, cause no harm to humanity, and at best, provide a direct and measurable benefit to all human beings without regard to race, ethnicity, or nationality.


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Community provides the foundation for our organization’s efforts; this means that our projects, partners, and work will be both collaborative and transparent as possible.

By finding solutions better by an order of magnitude than current options, we ensure the immediate benefits of our recommended inventions will justify the expense. Sustainable Exploration is proud to support the adoption of these inventions, and the work of their inventors


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How We Help

  • Facilitate discussion with the aim of providing ethical, practical, and logistical guidance for the emerging problems associated with the exploration of space.
  • Identify engineering designs that enable scientists and civilians to launch non-weaponizable payloads into and beyond Earth’s orbit using composite, non-metallic, eco-friendly, and non-weaponizable modules and materials at increasingly lower costs.
  • Serve as a holding steward to further the exchange and availability of abstracts, conceptions, intellectual property, schematics, and other ideas pursuant to space exploration.

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About Us

We believe the best way to increase participation in space exploration is to decrease the time, cost, and complexity of space exploration. We achieve this by collecting, protecting, and licensing intellectual property that removes barriers to space entry, delivery, and research especially for smaller organizations and the general public at large.

Our first major project is to help facilitate the design, manufacturing, test firing, and eventual launch of an affordable and eco-friendly rocket that uses hydrogen peroxide as its main source of fuel.

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Our "Compass Points"

Partner without Profiteering

It has been our experience that the best opportunities for the emergence of large-scale beneficial innovation have come from organizations that can coordinate information and participation without concern for posted profits.

Preserve Humanity

Sustainable Exploration is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering human civilians to go and thrive where they wish outside of Earth’s gravitational influence.

Promote Sustainability and Resilience

We will actively work to promote repeatable and sustainable projects in areas such as propulsion, fabrication, mining, life-support, comfort, societal and social interactions, as well as the regulations, standards, and legislation that support such endeavors.

Protect the Earth and Space

We will strive to help protect the Earth, for all peoples and populations, from the risks of harm and destruction from space-related threats. We will also strive to help protect space from forces and events that would limit or endanger its use by all peoples and populations.


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